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example letter - minister for roads
Last update 25 September 2011

It is always more effective to write your own personalised letter to the Minister, however, as we are all busy feel free to copy the example letter below.

The Hon Duncan Gay
Minister for Roads
Level 35, Governor Macquarie Tower
1 Farrer Place
Sydney NSW 2000


Dear Minister Gay,

Return of a Safe Lower Prospect Canal Cycleway

I do not accept the RTA’s position that a signalised crossing will provide adequate safety for users of the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway, where it is to intersect with Reconciliation Drive at Greystanes.

The RTA has failed the community by reducing the level of safety on the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway.

As the responsible Minister, I am calling on you to direct the RTA to build a bridge over Reconciliation Drive to make the Canal Reserve cycleway safe again.

As promises have been made during the election campaign that the bridge would be built, we are calling on you to honour those promises.

I am looking for a response from YOU, not the RTA. The RTA’s position is well known and I do not accept it.

My question to you, Minister, is quite specific; Are YOU prepared to make the Lower Prospect Canal Reserve cycleway safe again by funding a bridge?

Yours sincerely,

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